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Alex Rivera Biography pic

I bought my first camera in NYC in 1997 and since then I began to shoot portraits and landscapes everywhere I went to. My first publications were some portraits I took in London when I was living there in 2000 working for a Spanish magazine.

I got inspired assisting some of the best fashion photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Steven KleinGuy Aroch or Elaine Constantine.

Now I consider myself a portrait photographer with an aesthetic of natural, genuine, spontaneity and atemporal beauty. Often photographing the suburbs environments, I have published four books In AmoricaIn Asia, Madrid-The Suburbs, and Fort Bravo. I am currently working on a new project called In Africa.

My work has been exhibited also at PhotoEspaña 2017, shooting the backstage of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid from 2004 to 2017 and in 2022 I finally present in Almeria´s desert my last show, Fort Bravo. You could see it in Exhibitions.


Alex Rivera